UP:RISE In Conversation // The identity of Activism: Historically, who’s voices get heard? Which lenses are we presented with?

In contrast with the very middle-class anti-war protests of a decade earlier, 2011’s uprisings were a visceral cultural moment of a more diverse and unheard generation, a primal scream for the marginalised. Portrayed by the media as “mindless thugs” and with David Cameron calling the outpouring “Criminality, pure and simple”  This discussion explores the ‘respectability of protest’ and how the mainstream media perception stronghold has been impacted through the digital voices now being heard reflecting the complexity and nuance of resistance.

When: Monday 9th August 2021
Where: Digital livestream from Bluecoat Arts Centre, 8 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX
Bolanle Tajudeen – Moderator (Curator, Educator & Founder of Black Blossoms),
Leroy Cooper – Panellist (Photographer),
Nike Jonah – Panellist (Cultural Producer & Development Strategist)
Fauziya Johnson – Panellist (Artist, Producer & Founder of Rootedzine),
Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper – Panellist (Sociologist)